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Salt & Sea: Story Through Jewelry + Gifts


Years ago, I started a jewelry company, which connected me to some of the most amazing women in the world. Through a love of meaningful jewelry, we became friends and have remained so throughout every tragedy and triumph you can imagine.

This online group of remarkable women, all from very different places and

leading very different lives, became a tribe called The Inner Circle.

The original store community that we were a part closed its doors, but our

friendships remained open. We have seen each other through everything

— sickness, marriage, divorce, death, love, hurt and so much laughter.

Our original community is what drew me back to this work, and it is my hope

that Salt & Sea will become a meaningful and beautiful community.


The idea of story through jewelry is about curating special pieces that serve as

souvenirs for your life. Perhaps it's a bracelet to mark an important milestone in

your life or a necklace that reminds you to breathe through life's challenges.

Jewelry doesn't have to be expensive to be filled with meaning and memories.

Salt & Sea is about the magic of artful gifting,

jewelry with meaning and a strong social community.


Salt & Sea shares special items by other artists, as well as original designs.

Our small capsule collections will refresh often, so you can always find

something new and interesting.


Giving is a beautiful process. When we thoughtfully gift to others, we show

people how much we understand them and how much we love and

appreciate their presence in our lives.

If you're gifting, we are a one-stop shop where you can combine

the most covet-worthy items into one beautiful gift box. All items can

be packaged for free in our stunning gift packaging and shipped to your destination. Impress and warm the hearts of your loved

ones with our unique and magical gifts.

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