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Jewelry as Souvenir

Often, when I visit a new place — or even an old one — I make it a point to get a piece of jewelry. I'm not talking diamonds and gold here — I mean everyday, affordable and beautiful pieces that can act as a souvenir from a certain place or experience. This can be a $5 beaded bracelet from a gift shop, or a intriguing piece from an antique shop. The point is that it speaks to me and serves as a wearable reminder of places I've been, people I've met, emotions I've had and experiences I've lived.

Each piece of jewelry I own has a story behind it. When I wear a certain necklace, I call upon it to summon feelings, memories or reminders. Jewelry is a great accessory, but it can also be an empowering tool.

Gifting special pieces has power too. When we give a meaningful and storied piece of jewelry to someone we care about, we are giving them so much more than mere metal and glass. All of our pieces come with a printed story for the recipient — an empowering intention to wear and carry. Our jewelry is meant to be worn often and wore out. We lovingly package all pieces in gift boxes for free because giving is a beautiful and kind moment filled with beauty. Even if you're gifting a piece to yourself, the moment is worth savoring.

Visit our shop pages and explore the different pieces and their stories! We'd love to hear from you too!

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