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To The Sea Necklace

To The Sea Necklace



“When we wore a heart of stone we wandered to the sea 

Hoping to find some comfort there yearning to feel free.”

— Sarah McLachlan


The sea is tumultuous and mighty, and yet being near it brings us immense clarity and calm. Water is life. It’s healing. It’s mesmerizing. It’s our soul. Wear this necklace to find your way. Wear it to remind you to seek direction and solace when you need it. You are never lost. The sea — like your soul — is always there to guide you.


MATERIAL: Pendant: Brushed Silver Finish - 16K gold plated over brass

Necklace: Silver Finish - 16K gold plated over brass

SIZE: W: .47" H: .5" Chain Length: 17.5


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