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Inner Circle Bracelet

Inner Circle Bracelet



Inner Circle Bracelet

Years ago, I started a jewelry company, which connected me to some of the most amazing women in the world. Through a love of meaningful jewelry, we became friends and have remained so throughout every tragedy and triumph you can imagine. This online group of remarkable women, all from very different places and leading very different lives, became a tribe called The Inner Circle. The original store community that we were a part of closed its doors, but our friendships remained open. We have seen each other through everything — sickness, marriage, divorce, death, love, hurt and so much laughter. Our original community is what drew me back to this work, and it is my hope that Salt & Sea will become a meaningful and beautiful community. This bracelet is to honor the relationships we hold close — whether one special person or a tribe. Wear this reminder to celebrate and remember this special love.



Shiny Black Glass Beads 

Charm: Metal Alloy



7 inch stretch bracelet. 

Charm: 14mm diameter (.55 inch)

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