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Crown and Anchor Necklace

Crown and Anchor Necklace



"You know I've been to sea before...Crown and anchor me or let me sail away..."

— Joni Mitchell


We all need a little grounding sometimes. Life can sometimes carry us away. An anchor does not hold us down, but gives a sturdy footing as everything swirls around us. Wear this dainty piece every day to remind yourself that you are strong, solid and anchored. No matter what tidal waves and swaying currents push and pull you, remember you have a steadfast heart guiding you through the storm. 



Pendant: Rose Gold Plated Brass

Necklace: Rose Gold 16K gold plated over brass

Pendant: Tiny and Dainty 8mm x 6mm (.31 inches by .23 inches)

Necklace: 17.5 inches

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