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Believe in Love Bracelet

Believe in Love Bracelet



Heartbreak is the risk of love. When we experience loss, it's easy to turn our backs on love. It's natural to want to protect ourselves in isolation and harden ourselves to the warmth love brings. This only digs us deeper in that well of hurt. Sometimes we need a reminder that love is truly worth the risk. Even when we've been hurt or feel full of fear, our belief in love must remain.  For what is life without love?

Be brave. Don't let anyone be a thief of your heart.  You deserve to be loved and cherished. Whatever pain you have suffered  will make the light stronger. Believe in love. Wear this bracelet as a reminder of this path.


This bracelet works alone as a statement piece or in a stack. It has a sturdy heft and sparkly. 


Shiny Gold Glass Beads 

Charm: Antique Bronze Nickel and Lead Free Heavy Metal Alloy



7 inch stretch bracelet. 

Charm: 20mm (25.4mm = 1 inch)

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